Bringing Authentic Central Asian Cuisine To Mumbai, Ostaad Is All Set To Launch In March

Mastering the prevalent delicacies of Balochistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and adding it to the menu of Ostaad, the owners of popular restaurants like Madras Diaries and Keiba are all set to launch their newest venture. The idea was to familiarise and popularise authentic Central Asian cuisine as well as its origins. The restaurant […]

Babi royal family brings their cuisine to Ahmedabad

The secrets from the kitchen of royal family of Balasinor in Kheda district are eventually out and prepared for Ahmedabad food connoisseurs to sample. Balasinor is likewise domestic to the second one biggest dinosaur hatchery and 1/3 largest fossil park within the international. The royals, who got their home chefs, are fondly possessive of their […]

How Dhaka’s Biryani Went From Being Food of Elites to the Dish Everyone Eats

In Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, the anarchic traffic congestion along the metropolis’s predominant roads offers you the opportunity to have a look at the road meals stores. The aroma of their spicy Biryani, which is very famous and easy to discover, will allure you! The inclusion of Biryani as a Bengali dish dates returned to only […]

Most admired paneer dishes in vegetarian North Indian cuisine

Indian paneer also called cottage cheese is a shape of non-melting sparkling cheese, which is ready via curdling of milk using lemon juice or yogurt. This squeaky curdled milk while adjustments into paneer form, it will become flexible, tasty, and a vegetarian’s excellent friend. It is used in myriad forms of conventional and contemporary North […]

Jharkhand’s iftar food path spiced with memories

The holy month of Ramazan is really about fasting, but additionally approximately feasting with family and friends to satiate one’s soul. In Ranchi, occurring the iftar meals trail is a sensory party of aroma and flavor at eateries and makeshift stalls on Konka Road that connects Main Road and Church Road. On Tuesday night time […]

Zakia-e-Nizamuddin: Women Rise From Basti Food to Mughlai Cuisine to Heritage Walks

Sometimes it’s Rajma-rice for the kids on the summer season camp or delicious crispy namkeen outside the college gates. It transcends into shami-kebabs and mutton biryani; all brought to the doorstep. The ladies of Zaika-e-Nizamuddin had been spreading the traditionally wealthy way of life of Nizamuddin via the cuisine while operating in the direction of […]

This sixteenth century cooking fashion has been gaining extensive attractiveness throughout cultures

Evolved in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire in Medieval India, Mughlai cuisine is an amalgamation of Indian and Persian cuisines. Mughlai turned into a network meal, in advance began by the Mughals then the Persians after which got segregated in India with flexible specialties throughout Old Delhi, Lucknow, and Hyderabad majorly. Though frequently […]

Eid 2019: Add These Delectable Dishes To Your Eid-ul-Fitr Feast

Eid is a significant festival for all Muslims international A massive hearty meal is ready with exceptional dishes Addition of unique dishes to the feast will level up the birthday celebration mood Eid is a huge festival for all Muslims global. It marks the stop of Ramadan. The meaning of the period Eid-ul-Fitr is ‘the […]